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Strategic Planning
Zhejiang Zhisin Medical Management Co., Ltd. has opened its comprehensive hospital, rehabilitated medical institution and quantum medicine center etc.. With the vision of growing into a hi-tech medical group, the company unceasingly improves its medical system and aims to achieve medical modernization,informationization and intellectualization, which will make great contributions to the human health.
Adhering to our group's corporation spirit, we keeps on deploitation and technology innovation and attracts talents. In the years to come, "Zhisin Medical" focuses on technology innovation and improvement of cell biology,tumor rehabilitation technology, quantum medicine and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation technology, aiming to achieve medical modernization,informationization and intellectualization.We have confidence in offering better diagnosis and treatment of human diseases to overcome difficult diseases and to create incredible medical results."Zhisin Medical", keeps on going!
Become an international investment holding group with an output value exceeding RMB100 billion.
Focus on Zhisin Holding
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