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Zhisin Group understands the value of gratitude, and adheres to the corporate social responsibility concept of “taking from society and giving back to society”. It has actively participated in various public welfare undertakings.
In October 2015, the Group joined the China Children's Education Volunteer (Public Welfare) Union. It donated RMB10 million to the China Children and Teenagers Foundation and supported children's education in China. In December of the same year, the Group joined the Zhejiang Well-being Helping Foundation, to care and support the elderly.
In March 2016, Zhisin Group actively responded to the development and adoption activities of the green space organized by the Hangzhou Xihu District Greening Committee Office. All Zhisin employees participated in the volunteer tree planting activity. In May of the same year, Zhisin employees joined the "Peace Messenger" team of G20, and the police and civilians joined hands to support the G20.
In 2018, Zhisin Group's public welfare undertakings will go even deeper, and it will answer the call of national leaders on “supporting poverty alleviation” in Daliangshan, Sichuan Province. By establishing student learning points, the Group will help accurately light the pathway to education for the poor and destitute children of Daliangshan.
December 2015,Zhisin Holding donated RMB 10 million to China children's education volunteer public welfare alliance
Become an international investment holding group with an output value exceeding RMB100 billion.
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