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Board of Directors and Management Structure
Board of Directors
Zhang Genjiang
Chairman of Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Executive Director of China Trustful Group Limited(HK08265)
Deputy Director of China Precious Metal Industry Committee
Executive Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Precious Metals Professional Committee
Vice President of Shanghai Leasing Industry Association
Vice President of Huzhou Chamber of Commerce of Hangzhou City
Educational Background
Jul,2009 - Jul,2010
PhD in Management, Renmin University of China

Sep,1986 - Jul,1988
Xiamen University, China

Sep,1982 - Jul,1986
Bachelor of industrial automation of University Of Science and Technolgy Beijing

Professional Experience
Asia Brand Excellent Manager

Certified as a National Senior Gold nvestment Analyst

Economist certificate of Finance Department of Xiamen University

Work Experience
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

General Manager of Beihai Nandu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhejiang Taiheng Gold Sales Co., Ltd.

2012-till date
Chairman of Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group Co., Ltd.

2017-till date
Executive Director of China Trustful Group Li-mited(HK08265)

Message from the Chairman
On January 13
, 2018, Chairman Zhang Genjiang proposed the "311" development goal at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group:
Reach scale of RMB30 billion in assets, net profit of RMB10 billion and value of RMB100 billion in 5 years.
Corporate Management and Compliance
Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group adheres to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, conducts business in compliance with regulations, and strives to foster a high standard of corporate culture with strong business ethics and compliance management principles.
Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group regards the development of a compliance culture as a systematic project for corporate management improvement. It has established a compliance management system, improved key business processes and has improved the compliance management and control mechanism. By nurturing a compliance culture, the company has activated internal innovation, and this has helped promote the transformation of Zhejiang Zhisin Group into a globally integrated enterprise.
Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group adheres to:
1. Ten principles of the UN Global Compact.
2. Requirements of laws and regulations on anti-commercial corruption in major economic regions.
3. Best practices for compliance management of global companies.
Global development strategy of Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group
The Group has formulated the "Zhejiang Zhisin Holding Group Co., Ltd. Compliance Code of Conduct." The Group requires each employee to understand and comply with laws and regulations and company rules and regulations, strictly comply with standards of integrity and ethics, and the company's compliance culture and values, and requires managers at all levels to be role models of the company's compliance and integrity management.

Become an international investment holding group with an output value exceeding RMB100 billion.
Focus on Zhisin Holding
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